Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meeting the deductable

Parenthood sucks:

Well, just as I suspected we will be meeting our high deductable for health insuance just before we reset for the new year.  On top of that we are switching back to a PPO.  The reason for meeting it was my daughters chin meeting the gymnasium floor causing a very deep cut and broken tooth during karate class.  And I wish I could say that she was learning a new move when this laceration (that required not 1 but 2 layers of sutures) occured but I cannot.  No she was trying to catch a small disc collided with another little girl and fell to the floor and smacked her chin.  Poor child between the ER visit emergency dentist visit having the sutures removed and getting the tooth removed we had 6 visits within 2 weeks.  This also includes a previously scheduled ear tube removal.  She has been traumatized and anything that seems like it will hurt is met with many tears and someone holding her down. 

The parts the don't:

Thankfully, we have wonderful health insurance.  We are truely blessed.  Having children has caused numerous trips to the doctor's office and knowing it is covered is no small thing.    Children are resilant.  She will probably not remember these last two weeks and I hope she will get over her fear of pain soon. She is healing now and the scar will fade will time.  In a few months they will fit her with a spacer where the tooth was removed and since it was a baby tooth her permant tooth will eventually full that void.

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