Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meeting the deductable

Parenthood sucks:

Well, just as I suspected we will be meeting our high deductable for health insuance just before we reset for the new year.  On top of that we are switching back to a PPO.  The reason for meeting it was my daughters chin meeting the gymnasium floor causing a very deep cut and broken tooth during karate class.  And I wish I could say that she was learning a new move when this laceration (that required not 1 but 2 layers of sutures) occured but I cannot.  No she was trying to catch a small disc collided with another little girl and fell to the floor and smacked her chin.  Poor child between the ER visit emergency dentist visit having the sutures removed and getting the tooth removed we had 6 visits within 2 weeks.  This also includes a previously scheduled ear tube removal.  She has been traumatized and anything that seems like it will hurt is met with many tears and someone holding her down. 

The parts the don't:

Thankfully, we have wonderful health insurance.  We are truely blessed.  Having children has caused numerous trips to the doctor's office and knowing it is covered is no small thing.    Children are resilant.  She will probably not remember these last two weeks and I hope she will get over her fear of pain soon. She is healing now and the scar will fade will time.  In a few months they will fit her with a spacer where the tooth was removed and since it was a baby tooth her permant tooth will eventually full that void.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days

Snow Days

The part that sucks:

Any SAHM with school age children that attend a public or private school would tell you that it is a mix of emotions when you recieve the news.  Which by the way can be recieved in this day of age by nearly any means possible and you've got to be totally off grid not to get the message unless of course your school doesn't make the descion till the absolute LAST minute when they are already up dressed ready. I'm talking teeth brushed, hair done, glasses and face cleaned, bed made, lunch bag in backpack, coat, scarf, hats gloves and infant sibling bundled and on momma's back key in hand ready to lock the door last minute.

The parts that don't:

Sleeping in well sorta it's that half in half out since you got the call at 5:20am and now there's the list of things going on in your head about fun can be made so as to not be driven insane with the children's boredom.

Staying in your jammies nearly all day ok all day and heck why bother changing since your have to go to sleep that night anyway (don't judge you know you've done it too and I do make them brush their teeth and change their underware;-)).

Having fun with them doing some baking or playing some games or just laughing at their silliness!

Teaching them a valuable skill such as laundry, dusting, vacumming, or toliet scrubbing (my daughters favorite-no I'm serious ask her).

I just survived 2 in a row with 5 at home so you can do it put on your big girlpanties and if worst comes to worst there's always TV, Movies and video games...yeah I resort to that. I admit it.  And how in the heck does Mrs. Duggar do it?  It's gotta be a lot of the Holy Spirit in that lovely woman, God Bless HER.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The call during naptime...

Like a phonecall in the middle of your babies naptimeto pick up your older child who is sick and you don't have anyone to pick him up or stay with your baby.

Part that doesn't.  Playing music and watching your baby dance!

So to initiate my first entry into this bloggin world for which all I want it for is to enter a contest to win a new sewing machine I came upon on Prudent Baby.  This is my new favorite website next to Facebook,, and  I was looking for ideas to make things for a craft bazaar I will be taking part in and I found this awesome site.  I am not really that great at sewing, it is a old/new thing for me to try out.  I love crafting and have had a love from making things since I can remember.  So let me introduce myself and the family that is us.

Me, I like to learn how to do new things. Which makes me kind of jack of all trades master of none.  I knit, I crochet, I stamp, I basketweave, and I cook and bake.  I'm a nurse. And last but not least I'm a wife and mom.

I'm an only child mom of 3 children, one of which is my lovely only middle child daughter who is 5 and is a great mix of tomboy, princess, diva!  My older son is the first child indeed who panic's if I mention the phrase "we are going to be late!"  Always large and in charge making his spunky 7 year short stuff known mostly with a huge grin on his face followed by I love you! My baby takes the cake being just 18months and wanting to do everything his big sis and bubby do makes him seem just a little older than he really is....with a bit of big brother's type A he likes to put away his own clothes in the hamper, puts his dirty milk cup in the sink and throws way anything I want him to into the trash when I ask (and sometimes the occasional thing I don't :-)).  He's very happy except when he's not.   If you have a child like him you know what I mean.   Last but not least I should mention my husband who rounds out my crew. He is the perfect fit to me.  He's patient, I'm not.  He's laid back, I'm not.  He's tall, I'm not.  He's takes things in stride, I think you get it by now but for those of you who don't, I'm don't.  He's the perfect mix of loyalty, honor, romance, musculinity, charitable, handsome, handiness and MacGyver with a dash of domestic god all rolled into one. 

I'm trying this writing thing but you should really know that my husband is the writer of the family.  He's a teacher and English teacher to be exact.  His students love him so I'm told when they walk up to us at football games or the mall.  (I really guess you wouldn't walk up to a teacher you hated and say "hi, by the way he is the worst teacher ever.").  Anyway that's my disclaimer.  I should probably have him edit this but what fun would that be?

So this concludes the first posting of Parenthood Sucks Except the Parts That Don't.