Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days

Snow Days

The part that sucks:

Any SAHM with school age children that attend a public or private school would tell you that it is a mix of emotions when you recieve the news.  Which by the way can be recieved in this day of age by nearly any means possible and you've got to be totally off grid not to get the message unless of course your school doesn't make the descion till the absolute LAST minute when they are already up dressed ready. I'm talking teeth brushed, hair done, glasses and face cleaned, bed made, lunch bag in backpack, coat, scarf, hats gloves and infant sibling bundled and on momma's back key in hand ready to lock the door last minute.

The parts that don't:

Sleeping in well sorta it's that half in half out since you got the call at 5:20am and now there's the list of things going on in your head about fun can be made so as to not be driven insane with the children's boredom.

Staying in your jammies nearly all day ok all day and heck why bother changing since your have to go to sleep that night anyway (don't judge you know you've done it too and I do make them brush their teeth and change their underware;-)).

Having fun with them doing some baking or playing some games or just laughing at their silliness!

Teaching them a valuable skill such as laundry, dusting, vacumming, or toliet scrubbing (my daughters favorite-no I'm serious ask her).

I just survived 2 in a row with 5 at home so you can do it put on your big girlpanties and if worst comes to worst there's always TV, Movies and video games...yeah I resort to that. I admit it.  And how in the heck does Mrs. Duggar do it?  It's gotta be a lot of the Holy Spirit in that lovely woman, God Bless HER.

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  1. Disclaimer...ok so the part about last minute notice-it wasn't that late but I know some friends who sent their kids out to the bus stop and then got the call...pretty late in my opinion.